I made Finalist in Weather Channel Contest!

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Winneshiek County photographer’s photo was a finalist in a Weather Channel contest
Posted: Sun, Sep 23, 2018 4:37 PM

nameonIMG_6114AdamMcConnell cowboy -edited
Adam McConnell is bucked off by bull On the Money, breaking his collarbone in two places, at the rodeo at the Winneshiek County Fair in Decorah Wednesday, July11, 2018. (Joyce A. Meyer/Freelance)

(Photo courtesy of Joyce Meyer Photography)

Each year The Weather Channel holds an “It’s Amazing Out There Fan Photo Contest,” a program to pick the top three submitted photos. The contest last year attracted over 50,000 entries.

This year, Spillville resident Joyce Meyer submitted a photo which was selected one of the 100 semifinalists in the contest. Her photo wasn’t selected for one of the three to win cash prizes, but she says, “I’m honored to be picked as a finalist in this contest where many contestant finalists have been published or work for amazing publications like National Geographic Magazine.” The judges in the contest agreed, saying, “With so many stunning submissions, it’s a daunting task for our panel of judges to narrow it down, much less pick a winner.”



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Midwest Fine Art Photography by Joyce Meyer