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Joyce Meyer from Spillville, Iowa uses her work to tell the story of the beauty in nature that surrounds us and invites you to walk with her on the journey that takes in vistas of the world to tiny butterflies in the quest that her and her camera canvas takes. The award winning nature photographer has been published in many Medias including five national magazine covers, and state and national publications and even on television photography shows. Besides wrap around canvas photos, print enlargements on fine quality paper, a vast collection of nature note cards, she has recently published her Fine Art Nature Photography books from 5x7 to coffee table book size done on stunning metallic paper. Come enter the world of Joyce Meyer Photography and feel the many emotions of her fine art gallery pieces. Joyce is also a freelance photographer for The Cedar Rapids Gazette and does photography and writes for The Calmar Courier here in the Northeast Iowa.



Enter the world of award-winning photographer Joyce Meyer, and come along for the journey of the world seen only through her eyes. With 12 National magazine covers, seen on billboards, websites, businesses across the United States covering landscape, nature and wildlife from tiny butterflies to majestic mountains, to Midwest fields and farms to tiny hummingbirds found on her website gallery. All photos are for purchase, if not found on her Etsy shop, please contact her at We ship all over the United States.

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